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Alot has happened since I last posted. I didn't know anyone even looked at our blog until I saw my friend Emily and she told me she always checks to see if I've updated.

I am going to try really hard to do better at blogging, I found out you can have your blog made into a book! Since I'm not good at keeping a journal, a blog is probably as good as it's going to get.

A Quick Little Update on Us!

...from where I left off.


Craig and my Uncle Eric decided to go Elk hunting in Driggs. My Aunt Rachel and I LOVED this idea since we'd get to spend lots of time together while the boys were our driving...I mean hunting. I think we were able to go up 2 weekends and spend time with their awesome family.

We love spending time with those crazy kids.

There is a beautiful house by the temple that has red and white Christmas lights. I thought they were so beautiful. So Craig patiently unscrewed every other red light in a strand and put in white bulbs, until we had enough for the front of our house. One night I got home late from cleaning the temple and came home to our beautiful lights up!

Since both of our families live here it makes holidays a little hectic. Craig and his Helms cousins like to plan an activity for Thanksgiving morning, this year was shooting out in Oakley. It was so cold that Ashley (Jason's fiance at the time) and I sat in the truck 98% of the time. Ashley was brave and got out to shoot a few times. This year we will be better prepared with warm clothing and hot chocolate!

Craig's family usually gathers during lunch for Thanksgiving, and my family does Thanksgiving dinner.This year we went to Craig's grandma & grandpa Harrison's for lunch...ate too much then headed over to my parents for dinner later that day. Hopefully we can figure out an easier way to celebrate with both families so we don't make our selves sick eating so much good food!


Craig's cousin Jason got married to the beautiful Ashley early December. We enjoyed being with them on their special day! I also got to meet some of the Helms family that weren't able to make it to our wedding. We're so excited to have Ashley in our family.

Little Brooke got baptized. I can't believe it was 8 years ago I was loving on that chubby baby! She had the chubbiest, softest, most kissable cheeks I've ever seen. I'm so glad Brooke loves us so much and invited us to her special day! It was also fun seeing their Grandma Marsha. She lives in Canada so we don't get to see her often.

A few years ago my Aunt Becky and I bought a fake rat and hid it in one of Rachel's drawers to scare the kids. Brooke "the fearless one" was so scared and we still laugh about her reaction! This year I found a pack of little mice. They were a really soft rubber so they kind of wiggled. I had taken them with us when we went up for hunting and always forgot to hide them. So before we left from Brooke's baptism weekend I hid them throughout the house. Little did I know Marsha is TERRIFIED of mice! The poor woman nearly had a heart attack. It was pretty priceless.

We had our first Christmas together being married. And we loved it! Craig's sister Heather had a Christmas party at her house on Christmas Eve and we were able to spend the day with the kids! We also found out that our new baby niece would be arriving on May.

We had Christmas morning at our house then went to my parents to spend the rest of the day with them. It was a nice relaxed day.

Travis, another of Craig's cousins, got married to Fran the end of December. I love Fran! We have alot of fun together, especially if we're trying to fool Grandma Helms. We were so excited to attend the temple with them! And I'm so happy I got a new friend!

My kitchen sink pipe froze!! Our brother-in-law Wayne was staying with us and he and Craig decide to use a blow torch (in my house) to unthaw it.... It worked but I was very nervous about the thought of a blow torch being used in my house.


I'm sure great fun things happened but I can't remember them....

I think we started planning our Time Out for Women trip! We were able keep it a secret from Rachel and Eric gave told her on Mother's day.


We got a new car and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's a cameleon Saturn Aura. I say cameleonbecause it is always a different color. Sometimes silver, grey, light blue or a tint of tan. We love it and I have grounded my self from ever talking to car sales men again. I went in to simple look at another can and somehow left with a new car... But we got a great deal, good gas millage, it's roomy, and we love it!

My birthday! Craig got me a cricut! I have wanted one for a long time! Unfortunately since I got it I have used it twice... I need to go more crafts!

Also we got a new beautiful couch! We love it. I think it's a little too big for our living room...but of well it's beautiful!


We were very fortunate for Craig to get a new job (still farming) in Murtaugh. He LOVES it there. He really enjoys going to work everyday and made new friends fast. This job has been such a blessing in our life's. Best of all: He drives John Deere's now! What more could we ask for :)

Craig and his cousins like to go to St George for Spring Break, ride their dirt bikes, and visit Grandma & Grandpa Helms. This year we had planned the time off from work , and found out Grandpa needed to have his shoulder replaced. So they would not be up for visitors.

We still wanted to get away before Craig was really busy with work so we decided to surprise my best friend Mayra and go visit her in Washington. We had so much fun being with them, and loving Alex! He is growing up way to fast!!! We spent a day in Seattle, went to the Space Needle, Pike's Market, and to Hard Rock Cafe. During this trip Craig found the most amazing donuts! The company is called Franz, and they make chocolate covered raspberry filled donuts! AMAZING! I bought as many as we could find! I've found the Franz brand at Albertson's here, but they do not carry these amazing donuts (which is probably for the best).

My Aunt Rachel's family got to come up for a weekend. We always love being with them. This time we went to Shoshone falls.


I planted wild flower seeds in our front flower patch. Since I'm a person who likes immediate results it's driving my crazy that it still only looks like a weed patch! No flowers are blooming yet!!!

Fran and I went to Rexburg one Saturday to see our friends for the day. I dropped her off at her friends apartment and spent the day visiting with 4 of my great friends from my Rexburg days! It was so fun to be with them again, it's been a very long time! Hopefully we can do that again soon! I also got to meet Abby's sweet baby Mr Henry Lincoln! What a precious baby!


Our newest niece Kaylynn Louise was born on Mother's day! She has a FULL head of dark hair!

Too bad they live in Canada so we can't enjoy her more.

My mom's ward had a fun Super Saturday activity with really cute crafts. We made (started) some wood blocks that say "bloom where you are panted" and a magnetic menu calender. Super cute! I'll have to post a picture once I complete them.

I made some Black Berry Jam! Craig's dad invited me out to make jam with him, his wife Danielle, and grandpa & grandma Helms. We had a blast! I was so excited to learn a little about canning, and to get to spend some time getting to know them a little better.

The Snake River is very high this year, the highest it's been since the 1997 flood. After the super Saturday activity the amazing youth in the pella wards went over and helped fill sandbags at the Cozakos' house. We were able to fill over 500 sandbags in about an hour!!! The river has since gone down a little bit, so hopefully there will not be another flood!

My little brother Kevin graduated High School! What an emotional day! I can't believe he is old enough for this. He has grown into quite the funny kid! We're proud of you Kev!!His class did a flash mob during graduation. It was hilarious! Here's a link to the video: .


A few weeks ago we went to Cauldrin Lin (Star Falls) in Murtaugh. I had not been since i was a toddler, and have no memories of it. Since the water is so high this year the falls were so beautiful. We are so grateful Heavenly Father has given us so many beautiful things.

TIME OUT FOR WOMEN! This year my mom, aunt Rachel, and I attended Time Out for Women for the 1st time. We LOVED it so much and each heard exactly what we needed to hear! We stayed overnight at the Ramada (not somewhere I would recommend to anyone). My mom and Rae had a blast scaring me. So what I'm a little paranoid! We had a blast and are looking forward to going again next year.

Kaylynn's blessing was on the 11th, so we were able to go up to Canada for a few days and spend time with their family. The kids have grown SO much since we seen them in August! The 2nd day we were there we went to the Cardston temple and did baptisms. It was really great to have Craig performing the baptisms for me, his mom, Ashley and Candice. Grandpa Harrison and Wayne were able to be witnesses and help with confirmations. This was Marla's first time doing baptisms so it was really neat that Craig was able to help with that. It was fun to get to spend time with them. We went to a train museum, and an air plain museum, and a couple candy stores. Everything is expensive in Canada. I believe a gallon on gas was something like $5.40! $3.62 a gallon looked great when we got home!

Craig had his birthday! His birthday was the day we were leaving Canada. It was so sunny to spend the ENTIRE day with him! That never gets to happen! Happy birthday Love!

Now we are enjoying being back home, and back to work. We've been trying to work on our yard, and slowly we'll get it how we'd like. At least the lawns green and being mowed. I think when we moved in last summer it was dead! Sometime this summer I'd like to get our kitchen and living painted, I've had the paint for months but never have the ambition to do it!

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